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The Atharva Ayurveda was established in 2002. Atharva Ayurveda doctors treat with classical traditional way with modern think. Well experienced in Allopathy and Ayurveda, yoga , jyotisha . Atharva ayurveda doctors believs Great sage Sushruta’s statement ,

"Na ekashashtra adheeyano na vidyate shashtra jnanam"

Above statement refers that knowledge of one system won't give the knowledge of the system. Knowledge and experience of different systems will clear the knowledge, treatments and medicines . Renowned Dr Aravind Sharma , Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery [BAMS] , M. D in AYURVEDA , certificated in Ksharasootra is well experienced 7 years in different branches of modern medicine diagnosis , treatments i.e allopathy . He worked with well known physicians in modern science , in his early practices. Well experienced and practiced in ayurveda , yoga pranayam, acupressure , jyotish, he is shishyan ( well known student ) of renowned , experienced , spiritual power Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamatham Shree CHERIYA NARAYANA N NAMBOOTHIRI. Vaidyamatham , Kerala. Doctor has live experience in Ashtanga ayurveda and panchakarma with great spiritual power shri cheriya narayanan namboothiri. Dr Aravind sharma give valuable suggestion on Ayurveda diet & regimen ,yoga,pranayama,acupressure for particular diseases and Jyotishya.

Dr Mamata Sharma , Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS),certificated in Gynaecology and Obstretics (CGO).She completed BAMS in S.D.M College of Ayurveda.She is well experienced in Astanga ayurveda,yoga and modern system of medicines.

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